Outreach North delivers short breaks and support to children, young people and older people requiring care, as well as their families and care-givers.


Our aim is to make life easier and facilitate increased independence for children and young people, as well as older people who need support.

From sitting services through to help with independent living skills, we provide support through a range of services, as and when needed.


As well as providing services directly for people who need care, we also provide support for care-givers – people who help look after others on a part-time or full-time basis.

Caring for another person can be challenging and if you are a carer, we can help you take time to rest and look after yourself by providing respite.


Our objectives:

  • To provide safe, high quality support services that meet the identified needs of children and young people.
  • To ensure close working relationships and open lines of communication with our partner agencies and local authorities.

  • To put children and young people’s needs wishes and choices first through a process of listening, advocating, empowering and facilitation.

  • To ensure we always strive to provide the best possible outcomes.

  • To provide support services that are reliable, flexible and available when they are most needed.


Outreach North is an approved provider for the North Yorkshire region.